Who We Are

The Team

Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals, who are all experts in their fields.  With many years of experience in their respective backgrounds, they have compiled their expertise to provide this awesome collection of the 


"Cmdr. Codes" Davis


In collaboration and close particpation with other developers, "Commander Codes" Davis has helped code and prepare this NFT collection for distribution on the blockchain.

"Professor" Polycarpe

Public Relations

"Professor" Polycarpe is a vital component in the marketing of the project.  Our team easily relies on his many years of expertise in this field.

Keith "Picasso" D.

Graphic Artist

Keith "Picasso" D. is our main graphic artist and digital reproductions specialist.   His area of expertise has proven very successful to the implementation and completion of this project.

Patrick "Intellect" P.

NFT Consultant

Patrick "the Intellect" P. has consistently proven to be a crucial participant in the implemention of the project.  His years of practice in the cryptocurrency field makes him most qualified as our team consultant.


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