Phase 1


Butterfly Galaxies NFT-E will be launching its Discord group (Butterfly Galaxy NFT) - - to discuss our Minting platform and other upcoming projects.

As an owner of an NFT from this collection, you will be  able to participate in helping create the storyline concerning the mystery of the Butterfly Galaxies.

Participants will be chosen from NFT owners of this collection to act as part of a 'Research Team' solving the mystery.

Once your NFT ownership is confirmed, you will be allowed to submit a short (theory) on a specific topic leading to the unravelling of the mystery the Butterfly Galaxies.

By either poll or drawing, your theory may be selected and submitted in the storyline as a 'discovery'.  If your 'theory' is accepted as a 'discovery', you may be eligble for an NFT giveaway, (based on availability), as a reward for being a vital member of the 'Research Team'. 

With enough 'discoveries' from all accepted participants, the mystery can finally be solved.

The creators of this NFT collection are toying with the idea of building the final storyline into a Butterfly Galaxies movie, giving participants the opportunity of being listed in the credits. 

More discussion on this will be on our Discord channel .

Phase 2


Butterfly Galaxies NFT-E invites you to help build its Community with our NFT Giveaways, Drawing and Air Drops, based on availability.  

As an NFT owner in this collection, you may be eligible to participate in building the Storyline in the development and discovery of the Mystery of the Butterfly Galaxies.

Discussions on our Discord server - (Butterfly Galaxy NFT) - -can go into more detail as we move forward.

Phase 3


Butterfly Galaxies NFT-E plans to donate a portion of its proceeds to help support multiple charities.  Butterfly Galaxies will also aid in the implementation of and assistance with new and pre-existing humanitarian projects.

We would like one of our main charities  to be the support of a Children's hospital.  Any parent knows the importance of specialized care for our younger generation.  Saving a young life is more than any parent can ask for.  Butterfly Galaxies NFT-E is now part of that plan.

Butterfly Galaxies NFT-E will also help the restoration of the planet by donating to humanitarian projects and purchasing natural restoration devices.  

Such devices include water treatment, extraction and purification systems, desalination devices and soil treatments.  Some of these systems are scheduled to be distributed to the holders of our NFTs during our free giveaways and drawings.  Join our Discord group (Butterfly Galaxy NFT) - - for updates and announcements.

Phase 4


The launch of the Butterfly Galaxies NFT-E tokens will help holders earn passive income.  Once the NFT tokens are sold out, development of our Butterfly Galaxies COIN is scheduled to begin.  The coin token should be swappable with the NFT token.

Join us on our Discord channel (Butterfly Galaxy NFT) - - for updates.


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