Now is your chance

From here, you will be taken to our minting page.  Minting is set on the Ethereum platform.  Please visit our Discord server for the different price ranges of these NFTs. 

WHITELIST members can mint at - 0.05 ETH

PRE-SALE dates will allow you to mint at  - 0.07 ETH

PUBLIC SALE dates mint at  - 0.09 ETH

Problems Connecting to Metamask app?

Follow these steps if you are having problems connecting your Metamask app to the minting page

  1. Copy this address  -  https://butterfly-galaxies-nft-e.netlify.app/
  2. Open your Metamask app
  3. Click on the Menu bar in the upper left of the Metamask app - (3 stacked horizontal lines)
  4. Click the "Browser" option
  5. If no tab is available, open a new tab - ( click the "+" button )
  6. Paste the address "https://butterfly-galaxies-nft-e.netlify.app/" into the Search box and press the ENTER key / RETURN bar
  7. The minting page should now connect to your Metamask app

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