Exotic species of galactic butterflies can be found on  planets that span the universe; as they have left the confines of their original 'Butterfly Galaxy' into the now perceived Butterfly Galaxies. 

Distinguishing characteristics range from transparent to multi-colored wings.  Even a RARE species with luminscent antennae and tails has been spotted.

So many questions remain unanswered about this magnificent species of butterflies.  Where did they come from; where are they now; what is their purpose?

As an owner of an NFT from this collection, you could help build the STORYLINE by participating as part of a 'research team' embarking on the discovery of their whereabouts and help unravel the mystery of the Butterfly Galaxies.  See the Roadmap.


Legends long ago heralded the existence of a species of galactic butterflies that can transcend the space of what we know as the 'Butterfly Galaxies'.  However, these legends lacked the physical evidence of the existence of such a species.... UNTIL NOW


The purpose of the existence of this species in unclear.   Prior research teams have been dispatched to solve this riddle, only to come up empty handed.  However, planets that have been visited by this species have been found to be in either total ruin or total restoration. The motives of colonization or self-defense have not yet been determined.


Propagation of this species is uncertain. Although it has been discovered that they may reproduce asexually, there is evidence of male and female genders among the species.  It is also believed that the reproduction rate of this species can be accelerated by its environment, making overpopulation uncontrollable.


The means of this species to traverse the confines of its own galaxy is unknown by our current research efforts.  Believed to 'hitch a ride' upon unsuspecting ships visiting their region of space has not been confirmed.


Evidence of a global restoration has been documented to have taken place after, what can only be described as the occurrence of a 'planetary cataclysm'. A prior research team found the butterflies may somehow be related to the cause of the restoration, but found no evidence to the cause of the cataclysm.


The remnants of an archeological find by a research team revealed evidence of a rare version of galactic butterfly.  Believed to be destructive in nature, it can be identified by is luminscent antennae and tail; the purpose of which has yet to be discovered.


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