Butterfly Galaxies NFT-E


Welcome to the Butterfly Galaxies NFT-E Collection

The next step in our evolution to save the planet

The creators of the Butterfly Galaxies NFT-E collection were inspired to help restore balance back to nature and society as a whole.

Each purchase of a Butterfly Galaxies NFT will have a portion set aside for distribution to a humanitarian charity or nature restoration project.  See our ROADMAP for a more detailed discussion.

In addition, holders may be eligible for scheduled drawings and prizes for participation in the purchase of NFTs from our collection.  See our ROADMAP for more details.

What sets us apart

We strive to be miles apart from just ordinary.  Our utility must make a positive difference on this planet.  We would be honored to have you as part of this team in healing our world.

NFT Investment

As a holder of NFTs, you are part of a new society that is financially changing the world.  Now its your turn to own the wealth.

Charity and Humanitarian

Bringing life and health back to our world is our goal.  Each NFT you own is a participation in that goal.

Drawings and Giveaways

As an owner of the Butterfly Galaxies NFTs, you can be entered into a number of our free giveaways and drawings;  As a holder, the NFT value itself can create lasting wealth.


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